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ACS Adminstration

Maria B. Martinez
ACS Principal
(201) 302-5200, ext. 2200 

Erich Breyer
ACS Vice Principal
(201) 302-5200, ext. 2201 

October 24 to October 28

Be a Super Strong Hero!    

Unleash the Power of Health & Wellness!

We encourage all our school community to unite & collaborate in our daily activities.
Our actions will show our support to ACS youth in living a mindfully healthy life together!

Monday 10/24

Super Heroes Take A Stand!
Wear red today

Tuesday 10/25

Be a Team Hero for Health!
Wear a super hero shirt or team shirt

Wednesday 10/26

We are Wacky for Wellness!
Wacky Hair or Wacky Hat/Cap Day

Thursday 10/27

Use Your Powers for Good and Reach for the Stars!
Wear stars and/or glittery clothing

Friday 10/28

United To Be Healthy & Strong!
Wear maroon & grey

A.C.S. Super Healthy & Drug Free Pledge

I pledge to lead a healthy,  
drug free life.
I have the power to say NO to
To other drugs that can harm me.
I will help my friends say NO.
I promise to use my powers to
stand up for TRACK
and what I know is right
I am a super strong healthy hero!