ACS Pre K- 5 Principal Chat

Please know that the New Jersey Student Learning standards identify skills students need to master at each grade level in order to be successful, such as interpretation of text in English Language Arts. In our report cards we provide a number next to each skill taught ( which is a reflection of the standard) to show how independently students are at working with that standard, a 1 shows that a student is working with a lot of assistance and a 4 shows a student is exceedingly independent in carrying out the skill accurately. The teacher narrative also explains how students are doing. Since we are working remotely we continue to teach and practice these important skills through distance learning. We continue to communicate with parents on how students are doing in developing important skills and concepts. We continue to meet individually and in small groups with students for guided and tailored instruction.

ACS Pre K- 5 Principal Chat Source: ACS Pre K- 5 Principal Chat